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What happened to the TARP money that the government gave to help troubled borrowers? I hear this questions all the time, and I also wonder why none of that money never trickled down to the financially troubled home owners. I am so happy to see that bank employees who profited from these programs are now being punished. These people have been vultures when there are many families in dire straights to save their home and provide for their family. The F.B.I. and federal Government are cracking down on bank’s who abused the T.A.R.P. (Troubled Asset Relief Program). An indictment alleges a conspiracy where Lee Bentley Farkas and co-conspirators of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Corporation to steal over $550,000. We can only hope that if enough bank employees are prosecuted then the bank’s will start using those TARP funds for their designated purpose.

Created by Attorney Michael Stites & contributing editor Jared Speck

What happened to the TARP money that the government gave to help troubled borrowers? FBI and government prosecuting Bank’s that abuse TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)