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Is foreclosure looming because you are having tough time making mortgage payments? A common question in this situation is should I get a lawyer? What are the benefits to having one? Foreclosure attorneys have a specific skill set that can be used to fight a foreclosure in court, persuade the bank to forgive debt in a short sale, and even pressure a stubborn lender to approve a loan modification. Whether you need a lawyer or not really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

The following articles should help you determine if you need an attorney or not and help you locate other foreclosure aid.

Section 2A: When Do I Need a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

If you have been served with a foreclosure summons there can be serious benefits to hiring an attorney. However depending on your goals, you may be better off going without one.

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Free Foreclosure Assistance: HUD Counselors

when-do-you-need-a-foreclosure-defense-attorney do you need an attorney to negotiate your short sale defending foreclosure without a lawyer (Pro se)

Section 2B: Can I Defend Against a Foreclosure Without a Lawyer?

Find out why the average homeowner generally does not have the resources available to defend against foreclosure without an attorney.

Section 2D: Why Are Banks More Willing to Negotiate With Attorneys Compared To Borrowers?

A good foreclosure attorney will find problems with the lender’s foreclosure lawsuit and exploit them to your advantage. This is especially helpful when trying to get leftover debt waived.

Section 2C: Do You Need an Attorney to Negotiate Your Short Sale?

If you do a short sale with terms that are not in your favor you may be responsible for the leftover debt. Attorneys help prevent this from happening.

Finding Foreclosure Assistance: What Does an Attorney Do?  – Coming later 2015

How to Buy More Time in a Home Foreclosure.  – Coming later 2015

How to Stop a Foreclosure Sale.  – Coming later 2015

How to Get Foreclosure Time Extension.  – Coming later 2015

Section 2E: Take Advantage of Free HUD Approved Foreclosure Prevention Counselors

HUD approved housing counselors offer a free service to help you work with your lender so you can stay in your home.

#banks-more-willing-to-negotiate-with-attorneys free-hud-approved-foreclosure-prevention-counselors