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Foreclosure: A Basic Understanding

Before you can defend a foreclosure you need to know the basics of how it works. Below you can learn about key terminology, foreclosure timelines, and the key players involved. This is where to start when you need to learn about foreclosure.

Section 1A: Foreclosure: A Quick Outline

We break down foreclosure procedures into simple to understand terms. Begin here to learn basic steps in foreclosure and what you might be able to do to stop it.

Section 1D: What To Do After You Have Been Served a Foreclosure Summons

Here is what to do if you have been served a foreclosure summons. Your 3 options are: Hire an attorney, respond yourself, do nothing. In Florida you only have 20 to respond.

Attorney Home > Foreclosure Research >  Foreclosure: A Simple Understanding  >

Breakdown of Home Foreclosure Process, What to Expect, etc.

Everything Foreclosure Summons
(The Foreclosure Papers You were Served)

a-simple-overview-of-foreclosure Foreclosure FAQs

Section 1C: Basic Foreclosure Terminology You must Know

When you have been served a foreclosure summons you may want to understand how to read the legal terms.

Section 1B: Foreclosure FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding foreclosure.

glossary-of-foreclosure-terminology What to do After You have been Served a Foreclosure Summons

Section 1E: How to Respond to a Foreclosure Summons

Here is how to respond if you get served a foreclosure summons. (What happens when a foreclosure lawsuit is filed against you)


Section 1F: Adding Affirmative Defenses When Responding to a Foreclosure Summons

After you answer each numbered allegation you will have the option to use case law, previous court rulings, and local statues to point out flaws in their foreclosure summons.

Section 1G: Where to File Your Answer to Your Foreclosure Summons

You will need to locate the county clerk of court where the foreclosure lawsuit was filed. They usually will have a website where you can file electronically.

how-to-respond-to-a-foreclosure-summons-part-2 where-to-file-your-answer-to-your-foreclosure-summon-&-complaint