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Get Out of Foreclosure & Foreclosure Prevention Tactics

Are you currently in foreclosure or behind on your payments and thinking foreclosure may be inevitable? There are a few different actions you may be able to take to in order to improve your situation. If you have not been served a foreclosure summons yet you should be doing everything you can to start negotiating with your lender. As embarrassing as it is, no agreements can ever be reached unless you talk to your loan servicer or the lender’s loss mitigation department. If you do not trust them (which is understandable) you can try to find a HUD approved housing counselor to do the negotiating for you. If you have been served with a foreclosure complaint it is best to contact an attorney for free advice on how to proceed.

Section 4A: Working with Your Lender to Prevent Foreclosure

Work with your lender to obtain a loan forbearance, repayment plan, or loan modifications. Working with your lender is one of the best ways to prevent foreclosure.

Self Help Mortgage Loan Modification   – Article Coming Soon!

Do I stop paying for my mortgage to be eligible for a loan modification?  – Article Coming Soon!

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Ways To Prevent Foreclosure

Mortgage Loan Modifications and Negotiating with the Bank

8 ways to prevent foreclosure Working with your lender to prevent foreclosure Walking away from you mortgage how to stop your home foreclosure before you are served

Section 4B: 8 Ways to Stop Foreclosure Before it Starts

Foreclosure can usually be prevented depending on the situation. Here are 8 ways to keep it from happening.

Section 4D: Walking Away From Your Home Options

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to give up your home and walk away. Here are a few options to use the foreclosure to your advantage.

Section 4C: Stop Your Foreclosure (before you have been served)

This time should be used to work out a plan with your lender if you are planning on keeping your home.

Save Your Home From Foreclosure (after you have been served)   – Article Coming Soon!