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Free Advice From a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer - It’s Not a Good Idea to File Random Documents with the Court

Foreclosure Defense is much more complex than meets the eye. The most important word of advice I can give you –> Do NOT play lawyer and start filing random documents with the Court. I have been consulted by several individuals who have ruined their foreclosure defense by filing a pro se (person without legal representation) response with the courthouse.


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Tax Implications of a Short Sale

When the bank issues a 1099 on a short sale, you may be held accountable by the IRS for taxes on the amount of the 1099.

The 1099 is saying that you had income based on the sale of the house, even if it was a short sale. that is why you have to get the bank to agree not to issue a 1099.


What happened to the TARP money that the government gave to help troubled borrowers? FBI and government prosecuting Bank’s that abuse TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)

What happened to the TARP money that the government gave to help troubled borrowers? I hear this questions all the time, and I also wonder why none of that money never trickled down to the financially troubled home owners. I am so happy to see that bank employees who profited from these programs are now being punished.


Helping Families Save Their Home Act – gives tenants an additional 90 days to relocate after landlord is foreclosed upon

Ever wonder when an the legislative orders of Congress and the President are actually going to help the troubled homeowners? Well, the Helping Families Save Their Home Act is just the legislation that we have all been waiting. This Act actually allows a tenant to reside in the foreclosed property for an additional 90 days after the property is sold at the judicial sale.


How Long Can I Stay in My Home if I Am in Foreclosure? How Long Does the Foreclosure Process Take?

How long can you stay in your home after the foreclosure process begins? And how long does the foreclosure process take? There are a few factors  that affect how long the foreclosure process takes. It could be as short as 30 or 45 days. The foreclosure process could also be extended for years, depending on the circumstances.  The most important would obviously be whether you have an experienced foreclosure lawyer who will aggressively fight the foreclosure. Next depends on the back log of the court’s docket.


How can I avoid Home Foreclosure? What are my options?

Whether you have not been served with a mortgage foreclosure complaint, or the Court has already set a judicial sale date, you need an exit strategy if you want to avoid foreclosure! What can you do to avoid foreclosure? What are exit strategies are available?


Is it Possible to get my House Free and Clear if I Fight my Foreclosure?

Yes! Although it’s not very common it can happen.

In April of 2010,Judge Lynn Tepper dismissed a foreclosure lawsuit that was brought by U.S. Bank against defendant Mr. Ernest Harpster. This case was interesting because the Attorney did not show to the hearing that was held.


Saving your Home - An Important Step Some often Forget About

When you get a notice of Foreclosure contact the lender immediately and determine what you can do to help make the payment. In many cases of Foreclosure people fail to contact the Lender and make some kind of payment. This is wrong! Do what you can to save your home, every little bit counts. If you call the lender they have different payment options and can help you while you have that time.


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Some Judges Still Won’t Let the Bank Slide by

If you've read any of our blogs you're probably aware of the recent and unsettling trend of Courts letting banks slide by even when they fail to satisfy even the most elementary of foreclosure rules. The reasons for this are vast but it's mainly due in large part to the overwhelming number of foreclosure cases bogging down our courts and the subsequent political pressure placed on Judges to cure this growing problem. As a result, I've started to notice Courts routinely looking the other way when the Bank fails to follow even the most fundamental of procedural rules.


How a Devastating Personal Injury Accident Can Potentially Lead to Home Foreclosure

At first glance you would not think home foreclosure and a personal injury would ever be related. It depends on how you look at it and what scenarios take place.

The Scenario:

Let's take for example John Gooddriver works at a labor factory job in Orlando. John lives by himself and has a mortgage that he makes sure to pay on time each month. Let's say John is on his way home from work one day when his car is struck from the side by a driver that ran a red light. John suffers a broken leg and is hospitalized for a few days before he is released with the strict recommendation of bed rest.


How a Car Accident Could Lead to Foreclosure some judges won't let bank slither by

Foreclosure Defense: The Importance of Laying a Sturdy Legal Foundation for Your Case

This month has been busier than ever with several victories over the bank, but one specific case stands out. This particular highlight began over two years ago when we had a gentlemen walk through our doors who was in desperate need of help. He had known he was behind on his mortgage payments but was unaware that there had been a foreclosure lawsuit filed against him.


Florida Foreclosure Defense: The 120 Day Rule

Posted by Attorney Stites on 10/01/2014

When it comes to the world of Florida foreclosures, it is not unheard of for a bank to file a foreclosure complaint and then just sit around and do absolutely nothing about it. What do we mean by this? Well recently we had a client come to our office and he informed us that he recently became aware of a foreclosure lawsuit against him when he started receiving dozens of business cards from local attorneys.


         A Quick Note about our Foreclosure Blog:

There is a large amount of useful foreclosure information here– so much that it can be overwhelming. We are currently working on reorganizing everything on the site to better suit our visitors.

In the mean time if you have any questions about foreclosure, please, call us for a free consult with Attorney Michael Stites at 407-476-4372 or fill out our contact form. Thank you.

Orlando Foreclosure Attorney Website Gets an Overhaul

The better part of the last two months has been spent creating new and informative content about foreclosure defense. We have added brighter colors, more attractive pictures, and most importantly easy to follow pages when you are trying to learn the ends and outs of foreclosure. The goal is to inform our visitors that there are usually alternatives to the bank taking


Orlando Foreclosure Attorney Website Gets Overhauled

Created by contributing editor Jared Speck

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